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Okay, now that I appear to be getting over
what turned out to be a fairly serious case of
bronchitis, a couple of things need to be
brought up.

irstly, the shop is going to be CLOSED
from Friday, Apr. 18 through Tuesday the
22nd. It's both for the Easter holiday as well
as to give my body another chance to heal up

Secondly, the do-it-yourself aspect of the
shop is changing, in that we are going to
handle the wooden frame assembly from this
point forward. The technology at this point is
faster and easier to put the frames together
than to have the customer do it the traditional

What this means to you is that, for your
projects, all you have to do is clean the glass
and install the art. Metal frames can continue
to be done in the DIY manner, since it was
always an simpler task. It's only the wooden
frame technique that's changing.

I'm still estimating a 2 week turnaround on
new orders, in fact. Let's face it, the shortest
it's ever going to get is 1 week unless it's an
emergency, so 2 weeks isn't that bad.

Again, thank you so much for your
thoughtfulness and understanding.

- Stephen.

Good lord, it's almost 2015.
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