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It's July, and in San Diego that means...


If you've never been to the shop, I'm a big ol'
geek, and Comic-Con is one of those events
that I've enjoyed many many times over the

ow, for the FIRST time in four years, I'm
going to GO to Comic-Con on Friday, the
25th. Yes, that means we will be CLOSED
that day. Sorry if that becomes an
inconvenience, but I got an opportunity that I
just couldn't pass up.

In July, any comic, fantasy, sci-fi, horror, or
other related theme of art brought in for
framing will receive a 20% discount off THE
ENTIRE ORDER. So if you only have one
piece of that type among several, those other
non-geeky things will still get the discount.

It's guilt by association, see?

And for 2014, if you arrive in the shop
wearing a similarly-themed costume, you'll
receive the same discount! Nifty, huh?

Fair warning: you'll likely get your photo
taken and posted to Tumblr. That's one of
the hazards of cosplay.

Lastly, current turnaround time on orders is
averaging 10 days. Yay!

- Stephen.

(Who will not be wearing a costume. You're
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We offer a 20% discount to all students, teachers, active
military, seniors (age 60 and up), and members (with ID)
of artist guilds and/or organizations.

We offer a bulk discount on quantity orders of 10 or
more frames.

We offer a 20% discount and do not charge sales tax to
artists with a VALID CA seller permit.
The owner of Frame It Yourself at the 1989
Comic-Con. Fortunately for you, this outfit has
not fit since then.